K Ebisawa*, K Matsuzaki, Y Yamamoto, R Yoshin1, H Tonooka, Y Sugawara, K Inada, Y Fujishima, and T Furusho
*1Cenetr of Science-satellite Operation and Data Archive (C-SODA), Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Yoshinodai 3-1-1, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 2525210, Japan


DARTS (Data Archive and Transmission System; is multi-disciplinary space science data archive (Miura 2000; Tamura 2004) located at ISAS, which is a JAXA’s center for space science. DARTS primarily archives the high-level data products obtained by space science missions of JAXA/ISAS for astrophysics (X-rays, radio, infrared), solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics, and lunar and planetary science. In addition, DARTS has the microgravity science data obtained by Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) of International Space Station (ISS), and other science data taken by the instruments on-board ISS. In addition, DARTS archives related science data obtained by other domestic or foreign institutes, and provide data services to facilitate use of these archival data.

As of 2017, DARTS holds ~400 TB of data, and ~90 TB of data are downloaded every year. Access per year is about 24 million. Data from JAXA’s science missions are processed and sent to DARTS, unless dedicated satellite data centers are separately established (this is a case for Arase). Also, we are collecting the old data taken by past ISAS missions and kept at various Japanese universities. Consequently, data volume of DARTS is increasing at a pace of a few tens of TB per year, and the number of missions to handle is also increasing.

We are developing a scheme to facilitate handling multi-mission data, both for developers and users. Also, we are fostering international collaboration with foreign data-centers to enhance interoperability and maximize scientific outputs from archival data.


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