H J Imker*
*University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois USA


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign established a campus program, called the Research Data Service (RDS), to support researchers in their efforts to manage and steward research data created at the University. The RDS at Illinois was conceived of as a program that would involve many units on campus, including administrative units such as the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, as well as service units such as Information Technology (IT) and the Library. Cross-campus collaborations between the RDS and these units have proven to be time-intensive but imperative to the development of support for research data on our campus.

After a year of development, the RDS launched a public data repository, called the Illinois Data Bank (; Fallaw, et al. 2016), in 2016. The Illinois Data Bank serves as a data publishing platform that centralizes, preserves, and provides persistent and reliable access to Illinois research. While our researchers use domain repositories wherever possible, the Illinois Data Bank is particularly important for Illinois research data that does not have an associated domain repository, whether it be due to topic, format, or size.

As the Illinois Data Bank was developed, and as we continue to refine the service, our cross-campus collaborations participated in several ways. Examples include policy development, user testing, and provision of storage infrastructure—all of which have enabled a more robust, resilient, and effective service. This presentation will cover how these different collaborations at Illinois contributed to our data infrastructure to create a more trust-worthy data repository. The Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements (Edmunds, et al. 2016) will be used to reflect on where collaborations at Illinois have made the biggest impact and also highlight areas for future development and collaboration.


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